The Greatest Threat to America’s National Security

No “new law” will protect America from what is coming.
More restrictions on guns won’t stop what is coming.
Less restrictions on guns won’t stop what is coming.

Closing the borders won’t prevent it.
Refusing refugee’s won’t avert it.
More education on sharia law or the Muslim community will not save America from what is coming.

The ONLY thing that will protect America from what is coming is RETURNING to the commands of God; returning to a nation dedicated unto him.


Look at what God says a nation will look like who does NOT follow him with their whole hearts…

Deuteronomy 28:15 & 43 (NIV) If you do not obey the Lord your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you today, all these curses will come on you and overtake you… The alien who lives among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lowerHe will be the head, but you will be the tail.

Sounding familiar yet? Wait…

God’s judgments get more detailed for the nation who leaves their roots.

Deuteronomy 28:25 (NIV) The Lord will cause you to be defeated before your enemies. You will come at them from one direction but flee from them in seven

Deuteronomy 28:49-50 (NIV) The Lord will bring a nation against you from far away, from the ends of the earth, like an eagle swooping down, a nation whose language you will not understand, a fierce-looking nation without respect for the old or pity for the young.

A nation from FAR away? A nation whose language we don’t understand? A fierce looking nation with no respect for even the old or young? Our ENEMIES?

And WHY would God allow all of these things to happen? Once again…

Deuteronomy 28:15 (NIV) If you do not obey the Lord your God and do not carefully follow all his commands and decrees I am giving you… all these curses will come on you and overtake you.

I want to make this very clear. What we are seeing today in America is the start of God’s Judgment for a nation who once loved and served Him. And as the old saying goes, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

The SINGLE greatest threat to America’s national security is not THE EMP bomb, a solar flare, a cyber-attack or the grid collapsing in any magnitude. It’s not the refugee crisis or ISIS infiltrating our southern borders. It isn’t North Korea’s outlandish threats or the Iran nuclear deal being passed, giving them a clear path to develop nuclear weapons.

The SINGLE greatest threat to America’s National Security is, once again… Living in stark contrast to how our God says to live!

GOD will protect a nation who lives for Him.
HE will uplift and protect the nation that lives for Him!!!
GOD WILL put a canopy of protection over the countries that serve Him! A canopy that NO man can break!

No enemy can penetrate the canopy of God’s protection if we are living for HIM!!

I DON’T CARE what ISIS, AL QAEDA, North Korea, Iran, Russia, or China WANTS to do. They will have to deal with GOD!!

Look at what God says a nation will look like who DOES follow him with their whole hearts:

Deuteronomy 28 (NIV)

Blessings for Obedience

If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands I give you today, the Lord your God will set you high above all the nations on earth. All these blessings will come on you and accompany you if you obey the Lord your God:

The Lord will grant that the enemies who rise up against you will be defeated before you. They will come at you from one direction but flee from you in seven…

God will uphold the national security of a country living for Him! No enemy can penetrate the canopy of God’s protection over America if we are living for HIM!!

So, I end with this…

Judgment is coming to America unless America radically repents and turns back to God and His ways. It’s time to go back into our prayer closets. It’s time to seek God again with ALL of our hearts.

Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV) You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (NIV) If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

It’s not time for compromise! It’s not time for half hearted obedience! It’s time to seek God with EVERY fiber of our being!

Let’s pray church…

Breaking Prophetic Word from Jim Bakker

God spoke to me many months ago that great confusion is coming to America and today begins a major sea change of events that will bring more world events and natural events that will bring a shaking to not only our country but to the whole world! On today’s live broadcast and also tomorrow I will be sharing a Major dream of what is coming next! Pray for Wisdom for all of our leaders and for those who minister in the Church of Jesus Christ! Continue reading

A Critical Time

This is a critical time.  Any time after this, we will have done all we could do and our time is over.  Then the seals will open and the trumpets will blow and nothing we do or say will affect anything when that begins.

I’m struck with a sense of profoundness for this very small window of time.  God uses vessels like us to discern and alert and inform.  We cannot err in discerning the Times – and after we discern, we must alert and inform others.  These are truly the days we were born for… for this, the grand finale.

One of the dangers of the End Times is hearing so much and understanding so little.  Even the church fails to discern the meaning of End Time events because they have heard it so much and so often, it has lost its impact.  We can’t become desensitized to End Times events!

We are bombarded every day with information from every direction.  So much information, so many words coming at us from everywhere; our televisions, smart phones, ipads, and even our proximity to others is constantly feeding us information.  I know that the plan of the enemy includes distractions and confusion caused by so much ‘noise’ that it makes it hard to hear the important things!

In all this information (knowledge), the greatest thing we must be listening for is the voice of our Lord.

Many times, in the Bible, when men of God received a special message from God, it was after withdrawing themselves to a time of solitude to be able to hear from Him alone.  If ever we needed to hear from God, it’s now.

We have a supreme challenge in the days we live in to not only discern the Times, but to find the time to be still before the Lord in order to hear His voice.

A few Sundays ago, my son Ricky ministered a profound word that we all need to hear.  He said, “There’s a time to stop speaking and listen.  Sometimes we just need to be quiet before the Lord, and now is God’s time to speak to us.”

Sometimes, a constant flow of information is just a distraction from the greater thing.

I learned about distractions years ago when I was trying to spend quality time with the Lord and a honey bee began buzzing around me.  I heard the Lord say, “even the buzzing bee distracts you!”

Even when life demands our time and attention, we must find the time to spend alone so that God can speak to us.  That’s why I often get up in the middle of the night and sit quietly before the Lord.  That’s the only time I can be without distractions!

Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if, after we have studied, talked about, and generally saturated ourselves with information about the End Times, that we become so busy, busy, busy in our thoughts and activities that we miss the voice of the Lord instructing us in every move we make in our own strategic mission?

Only after we have “been with Jesus” can we hear Him and His instructions for these amazing final days.

Deadlines Bring Out Destiny

Have you ever sat back and watched people when they are faced with a deadline?  Whether it’s a construction project, a production schedule, a corporate venture, or any number of other scenarios, when people face a deadline, you will see many different responses from those who are involved based on their individual level of commitment.

When faced with a deadline, some people short-circuit and can’t seem to get it together.  These often have the “deer in a headlight” look.  Then there are those who put in a half-hearted effort to meet the deadline, but you know by the way they work that they’re really not all that interested and usually have some other motivating factor, like a paycheck for example.

Then there are those who put their nose to the grindstone, work past any normal working hours, and have the “eye of the tiger” when it comes to the passion they demonstrate.  These are the people who have a destiny involved with the project.  These are the people you can count on to make sure the project comes together and everything is READY when it should be!

Impossible deadlines bring out the “fiber” of people!  The people who will do the all-night duty are the ones you know have a destiny interest in the project!

That’s what it’s going to take in the Last Days to accomplish the work the Lord has assigned to His people.  It’s going to take passion and commitment, and a mind and heart set on the things of God – not set on what’s in it for me!  Those who have a mind to work don’t watch the clock in order to quit as soon as possible – they watch the prophetic timetable laid out in the Word and it fuels their desires to work!  It fuels their every thought, motive, and desire to press through to the destiny God ordained for them!

Right now, we still have time to work.  We still have time to prepare for Times of Trouble and we still have time to reach the lost!  The Bible says the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  We’re not looking for ways to get out of work, we’re looking for ways to be strong in the work we have been given!

God is joining us together with people of like-vision and passion.  He is doing this for these Last Days so that He can bless the work! (Psalm 133:1-3)  We may be a rag-tag bunch like David’s Army – but we’ve been purified in the fires of adversity and we  have our eyes set on the goal!

We do have a prophetic deadline when all of our work will cease.  But until then, we will work with an unbridled passion and a tireless commitment to our Lord Jesus and His Soon Return!

Who Ya Gonna Call? (Pt. 2)

Stan noted with concern that his gas gauge still worked accurately, as the indicator tilted far to the left, hovering precariously close to “E.”  He had planned to get gas anyhow, but he didn’t realize they were so low. This is no time to be out of gas, Stan fumed, frustrated that Christine apparently hadn’t filled up the last time she was out. Why can’t that woman get it through her head—gas isn’t always available these days! We have to get it when we can. Stan whipped the car out of the apartment area and headed toward his usual service station. Even at this hour, the roads leading toward L.A. were congested. Continue reading

Who Ya Gonna Call? (Pt. 1)

The beginning of my book, “The Refuge” starts with a fictional story about a young couple’s struggles for the necessities of life when things begin to fall apart in our world as we know it.  It was a very real possibility over14 years ago when I wrote “The Refuge” and today it’s more than a possibility, it’s more like a harbinger, a warning of things to come.  As you read this story, I hope you can see the wisdom in preparing for such a scenario as well as being a part of a Christian community.  This is a 12-part series.  Jim

“How long do you think the power will be out this time?” Christine asked pensively. “I’m afraid our food in the refrigerator is going to spoil.” Continue reading

Whatever you’re going to do… do it NOW!

It is an amazing time to be living as the Bible’s Last Days events are taking place on a daily basis. Earthquakes have increased and even tornados have quadrupled!  This should not scare us but reassure us that the Bible is true!  Jesus said when all these things take place, He will take us, who believe in Him, to a home He has prepared for us!

Whatever we are going to do for Christ, NOW is the time to do it. Israel is God’s Time Clock and the alarm is telling us we are near earth shaking events. The AP news service declares; “U.S. Intelligence Officials say Israel won’t warn the U.S. if they decide to launch a preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities.”

Iran has declared their goal is to wipe all Jews off the face of the earth including those in the United States and around the world!  Israel is surrounded by her enemies, just as the Bible says that they would be in the Last Days. We could be one bomb away from an Armageddon!

This is just one of the reasons Lori and I and all of us at Morningside are preparing for the Last Days great harvest time!  We are enlarging our school and adding a new production studio to reach the youth of the world. Our new ministry and food storage center, with housing for visitors coming for teaching and encouragement and a safe place in Times of Trouble, is under construction. The steel has arrived for this important building we call Morningside Old Mill Inn, which by the way, will house even a tornado-proof shelter for residents and visitors.

Lori and I are not only storing more food at Morningside and doing more to help our friends and faith partners get ready, we are adding to our personal storage for our family! The Bible even says that a person is a fool who sees trouble coming and does not prepare!  We believe what Jesus said would come to pass, will come to pass! And what Jesus told John to write down in the book of Revelation is coming to pass NOW!  Remember tribulation simply means pressure!  WOW, are we already there!

Why are we preparing this City of Refuge with power generators and its own food and water supply? It is to encourage and teach God’s Word, and store and grow food, and save babies, and train young and old alike, and to broadcast the Gospel around the world 24 hours a day!

I will give you just a few reasons why I am storing more food right NOW!  The number one reason is that I have spent the last two decades studying the Bible and focusing on the book of Revelation, researching in the Greek each word of this amazing book one word at a time and I am totally convinced we are living in Revelation Days NOW!  The “Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” are not only out of the barn but they are beginning to gallop throughout the world!

The number two reason why I am storing more food and have even put in emergency power into our home is America has turned her back on God!  The Harbinger warnings from God before Israel was destroyed have all taken place in the United States!  It was ten years after the bricks fell that Israel was destroyed and we are in the tenth year since 9/11!  Read Rabbi Cahn’s book, “The Harbinger” if you do not know of this important warning from God to America!  2012 is not the end of the world like many are saying, but as Rick Joyner has said, it may be the end of the world as we know it!

The third reason is that Jesus says in Matthew 24, that a sign of His return is there will be “no food to eat,” and there will be earthquakes all over the place!  In case of earthquakes or hurricanes or tornadoes or lack of food or riots or power failures, do you have a plan where you will go and where will your family meet if all phone lines and phone towers are down?  Iran plans to explode an Electric Magnetic bomb over America shutting down all transportation that has motors and our electric grid system. Do you agree it is time for America to turn back to God?  Our only safe place is in Jesus Christ;  He will never leave us or forsake us! The Bible says, “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord!”

It’s time to prepare food and water, for this is key to sustaining life!   Look over our food offers and get ready NOW!  One day it will be too late!

What do you think the Bible means when it says “In the Last Days perilous times will come?” Perilous means difficult, dangerous, furious and reducing the strength!  Are these difficult days?  Dangerous days?  Are people furious and has even the strength of America been reduced?  The warning signs of God’s prophetic words are flashing NOW!  Will you heed them and be ready?

Don’t be afraid – be ready!  Get your food ready for your family and have some for others too!  We can’t give them Jesus until we give them food first!

Remember that we love you and God loves you, He really does!

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Master’s Media Kids Need Our Support

Right now, we are focusing on our Master’s Media kids and preparing them to “go ye” into all the world with the Gospel of Jesus.  This can’t happen unless you and I, the older generation, gets behind these kids with our prayers and our finances.

You know, the world doesn’t really look like the world we knew as teenagers.  Before, in the traditional church, we sent missionaries to occupy and evangelize other nations and other places that had not heard the Gospel.  Now, we find that our nation is one of the top mission fields of the world.  We need to embrace a new breed of missionary that knows how to “go” in a new way.  We are doing this with our Master’s Media kids.  We are embracing the technology and their way of evangelizing.

The way we evangelize, especially to the new generation, must be a way that can reach these kids that they understand.  Most kids are not coming to church – they can’t relate to church.  So we need to go get them.  We need to find a way to reach them with Jesus, and it’s not going to be by traditional means.  It’s going to be different – it’s going to be through social media and other web-related technologies.

You see, it has all changed from when you and I were young.  Back then, the social environment didn’t include a world-wide spectrum.  It only included those in your home town and maybe a few close neighboring towns.  Today, kids are influenced by many, many voices world-wide.  Most of those voices are not the ones they should be listening to – but they’re out there, influencing our kids.  Our voice needs to be out there too – dispelling the lies that they’re hearing from every imaginable source.

Here at Morningside, we are busy training young people, and getting them prepared to evangelize in their own way.  We have just remodeled the Tabernacle into a state-of-the-art studio for them to use to creatively produce Christian programs that other kids will see, world-wide.  We have ordered brand new cameras that are dedicated to the school and the student’s work.  We have just launched a new website built for them to express their faith and give their testimonies (see   This week, we are taking them all to Dallas, Texas for a Master’s Commission conference.

For those of us who are older, our job is not done – we must support this new generation, not only with our prayers, but with our means. There are many ways to do this.  You can call our Customer Service department at 417-779-9000 or 1-888-988-1588 and:  (1) give a one-time donation for scholarship funding; (2) you can specify support funds for a particular student. We can leave no greater legacy than to support the next generation in their work for the Lord.  Let’s get behind them.

We can leave no greater legacy than to support the next generation in their work for the Lord.


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God is Not the Author of Confusion

Here it is, the Christmas season, and though it is a time of family gathering and festivity everywhere, there is a solemnity that many are feeling… like a calm before a huge storm.  Something is about to happen that will shake our world and test our faith.  I believe that what’s coming will either result in a ‘falling away’ or a ‘getting closer’ to God in the next few months.

2012 is a year unparalleled in the amount of speculation about some soon-coming calamity.  Books have been written, movies made and a great deal of talk shows produced in efforts to get a glimpse into the projected events of 2012.  Will the world end?  Will some cataclysmic event destroy our planet?  Will millions perish of some world-wide pandemic?  Will volcanoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters rearrange our world’s landscape?

What can we know for sure about this highly anticipated apocalyptic year? 

Some people go to psychics, some go to the scientific community, some to the writings of ancient civilizations to determine what will happen to our world in 2012.  As for me, I go to the Word of God, the Bible – that ancient text authored by God himself through his holy people.  Then I go to the Lord in prayer and listen for His voice.  That’s the voice we can trust and the Bible the final authority.  The Lord said “my sheep hear my voice,” and I know that to be true.

As a watchman of the Lord, he has given me several specific words for 2012.  The first and most outstanding  word is “CONFUSION.”  2012 will be a year of confusion beyond anything we have ever experienced before in our nation and in our world, not just confusion, but mass confusion.

Yet, the Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians 14:33 that “God is not the author of confusion…”  The Church, that Body of Believers that are born again and listening to His voice, should NOT be confused!  If God is not the author of confusion, that means it’s coming from satan.  The spirit of the anti-christ is disorder.

It’s almost ironic that 12 is the Biblical number for perfect order, just exactly the opposite of confusion.  God needs His Church to be in full force and in divine order so that we can be winning souls in the midst of a confused world.  The Church will be the new ‘ark’ in the confusing days ahead.  This could be the last full year we have to get our house in order and to get prepared for what’s coming!

In 2012, confusion is going to manifest in uncertainties, misunderstandings, good being spoken of as evil, disorder and turmoil of every kind.   If ever there was a time to “know what we know,” it’s now.  It’s time to get in the Word, because deception is coming!  The Word of God is truth and it leaves no room for bewilderment or perplexity.  It will dispel any darkness with its Light!

The Lord told me that first, there would be a great earthquake in Japan, and then total collapse of the world’s economy.  I can’t tell you the day, I can’t tell you the month or the week, but I can tell you that an economic collapse is imminent. 

Get your house ready and get your Church ready to be that ark of safety as the confusion swirls all around.  Be fully persuaded in your heart and in your mind that you will be steadfast and sure because the Word of God lives within you, and you know His voice.  This is going to be a year of soul winning because those who know God’s voice will have wisdom to guide them and love to sustain them.  They will not be confused – but instead, they will be steadfast and sure.  Jesus is coming soon and we are looking for Him!

God loves YOU, He really does!

Woe Is Me (Pt. 1)

In the entertainment crazed society we live in, very few people, even Christians, will endure a message of what they consider ‘gloom and doom.’  They would much rather hear some cleverly told story containing a lot of humor!  Nevermind that we are living in the days that demand a sobriety and a vigilance to understand and be ready for the events of Revelation.

As I begin a series of blogs titled “Woe is Me”, I guess I feel the need to try and preempt some of the negativity to such a serious subject.  I felt the same way back in the mid-nineties when I was given the message that was contrary to what a lot of people had been preaching, including myself, of the prosperity gospel. Continue reading