Pastor Jim’s Calling Shines During 4th Of July Week

Some things God provides for you immediately when He says that He will do it.

Some times it takes many years to come to pass.

For Pastor Jim, God has repeatedly shown the fulfillment of a promise and calling made when he was at the Dream Center in Los Angeles.  Today on Grace Street, God showed in a powerful way the way that only He can fulfill the call that He places on those that honestly and completely seek Him.

When Pastor Jim was at the Dream Center in L.A., he told his new wife Lori that God told him to build a network to bring the little known or unknown prophets to the world.  Today on the Jim Bakker show, Pastor Jim brought to the world John Shorey, Mark Blitz and Philip Cameron at the same time.

The moment was filled with powerful words from God.  Mark Blitz overflowed with the love of God when he declared that “we’re about to enter the Super Bowl of human history and I don’t want to be on the bench!  I want to be in the game coach!”

The conversation revolved around the importance for all of God’s people to be ready for the times to come.  That we are about to enter another step in Revelation times and that it’s more important than ever for people to listen to the prophets and to read the signs to be ready for God’s plan to unfold.

Philip Cameron said that God’s people need to be ready for Him to pour upon them blessings and miracles.  He says that God is in heaven with an open hand, not a closed fist.  He also called on those who support Morningside to give because God is providing the opportunity to own the entire facility which will provide a wonderful opportunity for God to work through Pastor Jim to make His vision reality.

“We have a chance to tell Jim Bakker go chase after the vision of God,” Cameron said.  “I know good soil when I see it.”

One thought on “Pastor Jim’s Calling Shines During 4th Of July Week

  1. Pastor Jim,

    Speaking about my own personal spiritual journey with Christ Jesus – AND particularly with respect to the century-old Azusa-Street Charismatic Revival; THAT accordingly, the Lord had long ago “spoken” to me in 1998 that He intends on re-establishing in the churches the ORIGINAL method of New Covenant congregational administration and service – just as it was 2,000 years ago, during the days of the Early Church, i.e., the Church of the First Century. As you already know, with the Latter Days moving forward, the Lord is accelerating His work in restoring the clerical offices of “Apostle” and “Prophet” – to bring back into prominence the so-called Five-Fold Ministry – so that He may once again – as He had already done 2,000 years ago – govern His sons and daughters in the Body of Christ – in the original manner, just as He had prescribed for the Saints during the days of the First Century. And as you are already aware, it is the Lord’s desire to use the clerical offices of “Apostle” and “Prophet” as mechanisms by which to restore the ORIGINAL level of spiritual power of the Holy Spirit itself; as a WITNESS to the world, through miraculous “signs-and-wonders”, on the SAVING GRACE of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and His expectation of believers to live holy and righteous lives through this same life-changing eternal power of the gift of the Holy Spirit – of our Wise and Eternal God, Yahweh Almighty Himself.

    But even BEFORE Jesus returns to Earth, today’s Pentecostal/Charismatic believers need to fast and pray together; that the Lord would indeed “call-and-send-out” more apostles and prophets for today’s times; for the world-wide Christian congregations to ESTABLISH a unified and consistent global “ORDER” and “DISCIPLINE” throughout the entire world-wide Body of Believers, so that all Christians around the world will be consistently “approved” of the Lord – geographically – in the REGULATION of the social order of the Body of Messiah.

    As you are already well aware, the Lord is NOW re-establishing and making more prominent the Five-fold Ministry worldwide. The Lord will also confirm his newly-ordained apostles with incredible “signs and wonders”; and indeed do so, with such an unexpected world-wide prevalence, and a mind-blowing originality, and unbelievable intensity; to the point whereby these same soon-to-come spiritual manifestations of God’s power will be much GREATER THAN they were during the days of the Book of Acts.

    But be aware!! The greater the “anointing” [of God], the greater the persecutions!! Wherever the glory of God is, there likewise accompanies the great persecutions. So, get spiritually ready for an INCREASE in the world-wide persecutions of the saints!! And yes, even in the United States!!

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