Glory Afterglow

Jim and I and our entire family are still basking in the glow of the ministry that took place here at Morningside this past week during the Fourth of July Celebration. We know that all who were here and all who will see these broadcasts will feel the same way.

When something of this magnitude takes place in the Spirit, you can be certain that it will change you! That’s the wonder of God’s Holy Spirit – the transforming, empowering, emblazoned mark on the hearts of those who receive it! Continue reading

4th of July Celebration Ends With Powerful Words

paul-porter-evening-serviceThe 4th of July at Morningside never ends on a whimper.

Tonight was no exception.

The final night of festivities began with the soulful sounds of Paul Porter, who brought the house down with “My Redeemer Lives”. Paul is a living example of the powerful healing of God. In 1996, he suffered a brain aneurism that left him blind, silent and unable to walk. The doctors thought that he wouldn’t survive. But God wasn’t done with Paul…God had a powerful testimony to have spoken through this man.

But on Grace Street, he danced, pranced and waved his arms in celebration of the One who can heal all illness. Continue reading

Rankin Brothers Celebrate July 4th on Grace Street

There are few things as powerful as people who love God using their gifts and abilities in a way that points people toward Him.

And the Rankin Brothers do just that.

The brothers and their backup singers launched into “Old Time Rock and Roll” and thus began a huge party on Grace Street.

One of the highlights of the Rankin Brothers show is how they can do pitch perfect impersonations of famous performers. Whether it was “Neil Diamond” singing “Sweet Caroline” or “Fats Domino” performing “Blueberry Hill”, those in attendance found themselves swept back to a high school gymnasium in the 1950s or 1960s when these songs were the hits of the day. Continue reading

Jesus Statue Dedicated at Lori’s House

On July 3, 2013, proponents of abortion packed into the Texas State House and chanted “Hail Satan” as part of their demands that the Texas government stop their attempts to restrict abortion. In what the staff and supporters of The Jim Bakker Show know is a spiritual battle, this was one of the most blatant showings of Satan’s desire to kill babies in the womb.

On July 4, 2013, Jim and Lori Bakker took another bold step forward for Christ into the battle for the lives of babies. As the construction of Lori’s House continues to progress, the Jesus and the lamb statue that will welcome pregnant women to their new home was dedicated to the Lord and His purpose.

The one-of-a-kind statue has the lamb looking up into the face of Christ, who has his right hand out and open to those walking up the brick path to the Lori’s House door. Continue reading

Builder’s Club Picnic Thanks Those Who Have Made A Huge Difference

It was a picture perfect day for a picnic in the Ozarks as if God knew what was planned at Morningside.

The annual Builder’s Club Picnic was a huge celebration of you, the people who make it possible for The Jim Bakker Show to continue broadcasting the good news of Christ to the world.

Held at the tabernacle, the event featured a picnic lunch of smoked pulled turkey, burgers, hot dogs and of course Morningside’s favorite Black Bean Burger. Pastor Jim and Lori took time to welcome the crowd and spent much of the time hugging people and shaking hands to directly thank the people who give of themselves for others around the world they will likely never meet. Continue reading

John Kilpatrick Shows Those on Grace Street the Power of Prayer and of God’s Power

John-Kilpatrick-preachesThe Tuesday night service began with Kevin Shorey firing up the crowd with gospel and patriotic songs like “God Bless The U.S.A.”

He then turned the worship time over to Tammy Sue who lead an acoustic worship set with the Morningside Band. The presence of the Spirit permeated Grace Street as Tammy Sue’s soulful voice resonated deeply within those in attendance.

Tammy Sue performed “Dance With Me,” “I Give Myself Away” and “I Exalt Thee” in a duet with Kristi Blankenship.

Kevin Shorey introduced Pastor John Kilpatrick to a standing ovation. Continue reading

Powerful Move On Grace Street With Luke Holter

Evening-Worship-with-Gary-&-Kim-KoreibaThe opening night of the huge 4th of July Celebration featured a strong move of God.

The service opened with Kevin Shorey introducing the worship leaders for the night. They weren’t your typical worship leaders! CCM Dove award nominated vocalist Kim Boyce and her husband Gary Koreiba lead people into the presence of Christ and brought many people to tears.

There was a special moment when Pastor Jim Bakker spoke with Kim & Gary about their family and friends. He shared about the importance of family and how all of us as sons and daughters of God are a part of God’s family.

Then the leader of Prophetic Sheep Ministries and world-renowned prophet Dr. Luke Holter delivered the Word. Continue reading