“Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant”

I’ve talked often on the show about my revelations received while I was in prison.  Going away for a while had a major impact on my life and ministry.  God corrected me through His Word and turned me around in ways that I never thought possible and shook up my theology.  Things that I had been teaching, right along with the majority of the other full gospel preachers, became glaring errors and I recognized, for the first time, my own responsibility in correcting these things.  I knew that if I ever had a platform for preaching the Gospel again, I would have to address the errors of what I had taught… without excuse.

That’s why I wrote the book, “I Was Wrong” and that’s why I continue to expose the love of money errors that were perpetuated by twisting certain scriptures to extract a certain meaning.  I will never back away from my stand on those errors, or I wouldn’t be able to stand before God with a good conscience if I did. Continue reading

Pastor Jim Bakker Comes Full Circle – God Restores!

For the second day, the Jim Bakker Show was broadcast from the former PTL Studios at Heritage International (formerly Heritage USA) in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

“Uncle Henry just introduced me again. Who says you don’t live twice?” Jim said, referring to his co-host of the PTL Show, Henry Harrison, who passed into Glory in 1995!

Jim recalled how Cindy Jacobs, a respected Prophet, had said, “you must do your show from Heritage. This is ‘Full Circle’ – God is making this right! Because this is a sign and a symbol that God restores – worldwide! It took courage for Jim Bakker to come back here but he loves you. God has taken our mourning and turned it into dancing. He has given the oil of joy for spirit of heaviness – he has come to bind up the brokenhearted,” referring to a well-known passage of the Bible from Isaiah 61. Continue reading