Christian Woman Falsely Accused of Blasphemy Marks Six Years in Prison

Asia Bibi, the Christian mother of 5 in Pakistan jailed on false accusations of blasphemy, has started her sixth year behind bars.

Bibi was jailed in 2009 after a group of Muslim women became upset that she took a drink of water from the same water supply they had used.  Bibi was then sentenced to death because of the blasphemy accusation and placed on death row.

The case is being questioned even among Muslim oriented media sources.  Al Jazeera America wrote that the case has “serious inconsistencies on witness accounts” and that some witnesses changed their testimony as much as three times.

The Pakistan director of Human Rights Watch says that you can see how the Muslims within the government are targeting Bibi as a Christian by brazenly taking the unconstitutional step of banning the President from issuing Bibi a pardon.

“Nobody had anticipated that any court of the land could ban the president from pardoning her. This was brazenly unconstitutional,” says Hasan. “Aasia’s case is an example of judicial bigotry and institutionalized maliciousness on part of the Lahore High Court.”

Bibi has been in failing health on death row.  Family members say that Bibi has been vomiting blood.

“When vomiting there is also shown traces of blood. Asia has difficulty feeding properly, while constant pain in the chest,” The Global Dispatch quoted the unnamed family source as saying. “Therefore it is necessary that Asia Bibi be submitted as soon as possible [for] a full medical checkup, including blood work.”

China Orders Christians To Stop Worship

On Sunday, Chinese authorities told Christians in Zhejiang province they are no longer allowed to gather and worship.

The government also demolished 10 church buildings using the same claim that all the buildings had violated “building codes” for the region.  The government has now destroyed 64 churches since the forced demolition of a $4.8 million Sanjiang Church building on April 28th.

“There is a church building that also houses a grocery market about 1/3 miles from my home,” a house church worshipper from Yueqing County in Wenzhou told China Aid. “The people were notified to implement an order that all gatherings shall stop from this Sunday. If people there don’t stop their gatherings, the building…will be confiscated.”

Government officals have also been ripping down any crosses they find on buildings or along roadways.

Christians in the Wenzhou area say that the latest crackdown by the government is unlike any previous actions because they are trying to completely obliterate any sign of Christianity.  Elderly residents noted in previous crackdowns, even when churches were turned into warehouses for the government, the crosses on the buildings are not removed and destroyed.

Christians who have challenged the government’s action have found themselves suspended from jobs, had their factories and businesses sealed and suffered tax audits that cause great expense.

Anti-Christian Group Attacks Clemson University Football Program

A virulent anti-Christian organization has complained to Clemson University accusing the football team of promoting “Christian worship.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation of Wisconsin claims, “Christian worship seems interwoven into Clemson’s football program.  We are concerned that this comingling of religion and athletics results, not from student initiative, but rather from attitudes and unconstitutional behaviors of the coaching staff.”

The FFRF’s main problem is that the coach of the team hired a Christian to be the team’s chaplain.  They claim that because the coach is an employee of a public university, his hiring of a Christian is showing preference and endorsement of the Christian religion.

The group is also upset that almost the entire team shows up for a voluntary chapel service the night before each game.  They also reportedly know the coach’s favorite Bible verses, 1 Corinthians 9:24-25.

Coach Debo Swinney dismissed the accusations saying that there is no Christian coercion on the team.  He told the Chronicle of Higher Education that his team has Muslims, Catholics and Mormons and that the best player takes the field every game regardless of their personal faith.

Islamists Force Christians To Pay To Live

Islamic terrorists in Syria are forcing Christians to sign documents agreeing to pay hundreds of dollars or be killed for refusing to convert to Islam.

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, an al-Qaeda related terrorist group, has obtained a level of control in parts of Syria that they are giving Christians the options to convert to Islam or pay money to not be killed.

The agreement says that any Christian who doesn’t want to be killed has to pay four gold dinars twice a year, which amounts to about $500 American dollars per six months.  The agreement says that middle class Christians will pay half the total and poor pays one quarter of the cost.

The agreement also puts heavy restrictions on Christians regarding their worship.  While they will be able to worship, they cannot build new churches or replace any churches that are destroyed by government troops, Islamic terror groups or even ordinary Muslims.

Christians are also prohibited from stopping any Christian from converting to Islam who wishes to do so.  They also cannot engage in commerce involving pork.

Anti-Christian Group Sues To Remove Cross Memorial To Veterans

An anti-Christian group is seeking to have a memorial to men killed during World War I removed because it is in the shape of a cross in a public area.

The American Humanist Association sent a letter threatening a lawsuit if the 40-foot tall Bladensburg Cross is not immediately turn down.  The anti-Christianists say that the location of the cross violates the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The 40-foot concrete memorial to 49 Prince George’s County men who were killed in combat during World War I was built by the American Legion in 1925.  The monument was initially owned by the state but then deeded to the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission in 1960.

Steven Lowe, a man from Washington, claims in the complaint that he was “shocked” when he first saw the cross and gets “upset” every time he has to pass it because he is exposed to something that could possibly be Christian.  Lowe is trying to perpetuate the myth that the existence of the cross in itself is the state promoting Christianity over other religions.

The town administrator said that the cross has historic and patriotic value and they will not remove it because of the anti-Christian group’s efforts.

Best Actor Winner Thanks God; Takes Fire From Critics

It wasn’t that long ago that most of the winners in major award shows like the Academy Awards would thank God before anyone else.  That has faded in recent years.

So it is not surprising that many major media outlets noted that when Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor for his role in “Dallas Buyers Club” Sunday night that they pointed out his strong thank you to God.

“First off I want to thank God, because that’s who I look up to. He’s graced my life with opportunities that I know are not of my hand or any other human hand,” McConaughey said in his speech. “He has shown me that it’s a scientific fact that gratitude reciprocates. In the words of the late Charlie Laughton, who said, ‘When you got God you got a friend and that friend is you.'”

He went on to thank his family with special thanks to his mother and his late father.

Critics immediately pounced on the actor for his speech, slamming his credit to God.

“Just stop the stupid God talk,” wrote one critic quoted by Fox News.  “I thought we could get through the Oscars without someone thanking God but no he had to ruin it….”

Revelation 13 (Pt. 3)

Many teachers of Bible prophecy believe that the antichrist himself will suffer a fatal head wound, but if you look at the scripture carefully, you can easily get a different impression: “One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed” (13:3, niv).

Remember, John saw the Beast rising out of the sea, which probably means rising from many peoples. But John used the term “beast” in several ways in Revelation, sometimes talking about the antichrist and at other times talking about the antichrist system, the one-world government system that is against God. Here, I believe the latter is the more correct understanding, that is, this beast is the antichrist system. This one-world government will have ten horns, seven heads, and ten diadems (13:1).

Revelation 17:12–13 tells us that the ten horns are ten kings who will receive power with the Beast for a relatively short time, and their sole purpose is to give their power to the Beast. The seven heads, according to Revelation 17:9–10, are seven mountains on which the harlot rides and seven kings: “Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come; and when he comes, he must remain a little while.” Continue reading

Judge’s Ruling To Remove Cross Appealed

The Mount Soledad Memorial Association is not going to allow an anti-Christian lawsuit calling for only the removal of a cross from a veteran’s memorial to go down without a fight.

An appeal has been filed with the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals contesting the order of U.S. District Judge Larry Burns that a cross be removed from Mount Soledad because it was unconstitutional.  The judge had stayed his order because he expected the appeal.

“If we fail to preserve this veterans memorial and the ACLU is successful in tearing down the oldest Korean War veterans memorial in the United States, then so too will be the fate of other veterans memorials like it, including the Canadian Cross of Sacrifice and the Argonne Cross in Arlington Cemetery,” a lawyer defending the MSMA told Fox News.

The ACLU’s lawsuit does not call for the removal of other religious symbols from the site including Stars of David.

Anti-Christian Group Attacks More Naval Nativity Scenes

The vehemently anti-Christian Military Religious Freedom Foundation has launched yet another assault to remove anything connected to Christianity from being on military bases.

The commander of the Guantanamo Bay naval base removed Nativity scenes from two dining halls after the anti-Christianist group claimed their existence promoted Christianity.

A spokesman for the base commander said the displays had been set up by contractors who run the dining halls and that they had absolutely no intention to endorse any religion.

The spokesman said base officials did not receive a single complaint about the displays.  The MRFF made their usual claim that soldiers they could not name complained to them about the display.  The MRFF routinely claims that anonymous soldiers are behind their campaign to eradicate Christian symbols from military installations.

Anti-Christian Group Sues Teacher Who Prayed For Injured Student

The anti-Christian activist group American Humanist Association is suing allegedly on behalf of two students accusing teacher Gwen Pope and the Fayette Missouri R-III School District of violating the Constitution by allowing a Christian club to meet before the start of the school day.

The lawsuit says the teacher committed the crimes of praying for an injured student, organizing a project to feed hungry children and was cavorting with a Methodist.

Pope is no longer teaching at the school but was the sponsor of the Fellowship of Christian Students at Fayette High School. The group has gathered since 2010 to meet and pray before the start of the school day along with reading the Bible.

The anti-Christian group says the two unnamed students had faced “unwelcome encounters with the classroom prayer sessions.” Apparently the students could see their classmates inside the classroom as they walked past in the mornings.

The group also said the teacher having a Bible in her possession “violates the Establishment Clause as a student would reasonably perceive it as her promoting her religious views to her students.”

The school superintendent told Fox News that he cannot comment on the suit because they had not yet received a copy but that they will defend their students’ and teachers’ First Amendment rights.