4th of July Celebration At Morningside!

By Kami Klein

Morningside is ready to light up the skies and celebrate the birth of our country with an entire week of events beginning on Saturday, July 1st until Saturday, July 8th!  With fascinating and informational Preparedness and Survival seminars, fantastic guest speakers, a partner’s picnic on the 4th, a spectacular fireworks display, joyful worship, and so much more, this week promises to be something wonderful for all ages!  

Please join us as we welcome John Shorey, who will be teaching survival classes all week as well as Bill “The Junk Man” Whaley, preparedness expert Dr. Paul Williams, and security expert, Darren Parker. We also have special guests, Mike and Cindy Jacobs, Pat and Karen Schatzline, Tom Horn, Jennifer LeClaire, Donna Howell and Derek Gilbert for live tapings on The Jim Bakker Show as well as other prophetic and knowledgeable speakers who will be making appearances.  We then invite you to come worship with us every night for our evening services led by the remarkable James Huey! Join James as he welcomes amazing speakers such as Bobby Conner and Hubie Synn!  


We hope that you will join us as we honor this great country with fun, food, fireworks and fellowship at Morningside! Check out our 4th of July festivities here!

Morningside Smiles and Welcomes Bobby Conner!

Where Bobby Conner goes, joy in the Lord follows.  This past Friday night, here at Morningside, Bobby gave the prophetic Word on Hope.  “What a difference a day makes!”  he smiled.  “The Lord told me to tell His people to war against the raging cloud of doubt.  Doubt is deadly!  Hang on to hope because one day can make a difference in your world!”

Pastor Conner remarked that through his years in ministry he always has people ask him, “Do you have any advice?”   “Well… YES  I have some advice… some good advice…Live your life with swift and complete obedience!  The happiest people on the planet are obedient to God!  The most miserable people I know are Christians trying to live like they are lost!  Be SINGLE MINDED in your love for God!”

Everyone at Morningside truly does rejoice in hearing the Word from Pastor Bobby Conner!  His Love of Jesus is so apparent that it shines through with his smile. That love came through while telling the story of Mark 5 when Jesus cast the demons from a man in the area of Gerasene.  This man was completely mad with demons who had possessed him and had to live in a cave because people were so frightened of him.  Jesus cast out the demons in two thousand pigs that promptly rushed down the hill and drown.  When the people came to see Jesus they saw this man perfectly healed and happy.  The townspeople asked Jesus to leave out of fear and the fact that they had lost two thousand pigs, and when Jesus was leaving the healed man asked him if he could go with Jesus.  Christ told him that He wanted him to go out and tell all he met about how God had healed him.

“This man woke up that morning a maniac and went to bed a missionary,  ah yes…what a difference a day makes!”

Thank you Bobby Conner!

Bobby Conner Leads Service On Grace Street

When Acts started, identity theft started…the devil doesn’t want you to know who you are!

That declaration was part of an amazing night of worship and power as Bobby Conner brought a message of hope, power and redemption to a packed Grace Street. He began with a sermon and changed into a deep conversation showing how through the Word God is calling us to move forward in power through Him!

The message Bobby shared was not the typical sermon. It was a deep study of the Word using dozens of Bible verses and multiple stories of powerful women in the Bible like Ruth and Esther. Continue reading

Bobby Conner August 22-23, 2012

Prophet Bobby Conner will be joining Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker here at Morningside on August 22nd & 23rd at 11:30 a.m. Central time for a live taping of The Jim Bakker Show.  Be sure to join us on Grace Street if possible or watch on our Live Web Stream!

Bobby is known world-wide for his consistent and accurate prophetic messages. Often called a “Gentle Giant,” Bobby miraculously survived an abortion attempt by his mother and, later, a life surrounded with drugs and suicide to become one of God’s forefront messengers. Continue reading