God Has Need of You!

Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us that there’s a time for every purpose under heaven.  God wants us to understand the times we live in and He wants us to treat them with awe and the proper respect for what is about to take place.

It’s one thing when the world doesn’t respect or acknowledge that God is about to shake things up for one final manifestation of the truth of His Word; it’s another for His own people to be so in love with this world that they don’t want to know anything about the final days of it… as we know it, anyway.

This is a year to choose how you spend your time very wisely.  We have heard from the most authoritative prophetic voices of our times that we are entering a very serious year, and a season of magnificent signs with the Blood Moons that point to something very big, very soon.  Continue reading

True Friends and Family Give Strength

My friend, John Shorey, has just spent several days here with us taping shows. I appreciate John because he always keeps me in mind when he thinks about preparing for Times of Trouble. It’s not unusual to get an email from him advising Lori and me that we need to do X, Y and Z to update our preps, always for our own good and in our own best interests. John is a master at prepping, and I’m glad to have him in my circle of friends.

It’s important who you have around you in these Last Days when we can almost count on going through at least some kind of difficulties as the prophecies of Matthew 24 come to pass. Good friends and family (including Church family) should come together and support each other with prayer and practical things. Continue reading