Snow Forecasted For Scotland In Coldest August In Almost 100 Years

Scotland is looking at the possibility of breaking out the snowplows.


A wave of bitter Arctic cold is predicted to descend over the British Isles and bring the coldest wave of weather in August since 1919.  Temperatures are forecast to be near freezing overnight and there is a chance of snow and sleet over parts of Scotland.

The high temperatures are not expected to climb about 48 degrees with high winds bring wind chills to well below freezing.  The Met Office reports that it’s possible some areas will not even reach 40 degrees during the cold wave.

The normal high temperatures for the region in August run from 75 to 78 degrees.

Complicating the situation is heavy rain that is predicted to hit the islands for the next few days. With the land already saturated from a hurricane that came through weeks ago, the likelihood is high for flooding on top of the frigid temperatures.

‘The weather is certainly looking disappointing for the next couple of weeks,” forecaster Billy Payne of MeteoGroup said, tongue firmly in cheek.  “It’s going to be cool and rather unsettled – there’s not much to be optimistic about.”