Philip Cameron sees a Holy Revival in America

Philip Cameron

By Kami Klein

Last night Philip Cameron and the worship team lifted spirits and joyfully shouted hope for a Holy revival like no one has ever seen before!  The Morningside Restoration Marathon is continuing on Grace Street and the outpouring of love and in the belief of this ministry is inspiring.

“God is raising up people RIGHT NOW who aren’t necessarily religious but hungry for GOD!”  Cameron declared!

America does need revival and what many are experiencing and seeing around the world is the the embracing of Jesus and of God’s Word.  Our partners are writing in and expressing this new hope for our country and the gentle courage to build up the Church.  During this Morningside Restoration Marathon, not only are the people working together for a common purpose, they are doing so with faith.

Faith is what Philip Cameron spoke of last night during the evening Praise service. “Ridiculous Faith that will bring a mighty pouring of the Holy Spirit!”

Philip recalled the path and restoration of Pastor Jim Bakker and how the Lord has walked with him in his obedience.  The amazing things that happened at Heritage, the people whose lives were changed in deep and profound ways, and the loving Christian family that was created there by the thousands who visited from all over the world.

“I am family here at Morningside too.  We are family and you are a part of this family too! I invite you to be a part of this ridiculous faith that can move mountains.  I see a revival happening here, a 24 hour a day revival with God’s mighty hand and love pouring out to America! If anyone can get a 24 hour a day revival going it would be Jim Bakker!  He is crazy enough in faith to do it!   This nation needs to be shaken from DC to Sacramento! “

We are family here at Morningside!   We are READY to take this message of the love and mercy of Jesus Christ and continue spreading it as far as God allows!  We need your help to make that possible!

Please consider a Thanksgiving donation.  Help us get this revival moving!  And don’t forget to keep watching our Restoration Marathon for more testimonies, fellowship and celebration for God’s incredible hand on you and on our ministry!
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Morningside Restoration Marathon    


Join us at Morningside for REVIVAL!! August 19th – 21st

Revival at Morningside August 19-21

We need revival!  We need to make God important in our lives and hearts again!  Rev. Billy Graham has said, ”We need another great awakening, a fresh revival that puts us on our knees, brings us to repentance for our sins, and turns our hearts back again to worship and obey God.”  

Every guest who we welcome on The Jim Bakker Show speaks of this restoration and reviving the closeness and love of Jesus in our hearts and spirit.  We need God back in our churches, our communities, and in our country!  

Join us Friday, August 19th – Sunday August 21st at Morningside for a three day revival!  Our special guests will be Steve Quayle, Gary Heavin, Pastor David Lankford and Pastor Zach Drew.

Lift up your hands to the Glory of God and Praise HIS name!!   Don’t forget to register today!

Joel Richardson Shares Message of Hope in Evening Service

Those who attended the special service Tuesday evening, June 30th were given a message of hope from bestselling author and internationally recognized teacher on the middle east, muslims and the islamic culture, Joel Richardson.

“ “The day is coming…after the storms…we’ll be raised up…and we will see Him…and embrace Him!  That is reality. We will see Jesus with our own eyes, sitting on the throne in Jerusalem.  It will be as real as we are right NOW. ”  Richardson went on to say  “Let us encourage each other in these days.  If our hope is fixed on saving our country we will miss saving the world.  We have to encourage one another!”

Mr. Richardson spoke of a great revival in Egypt and of how the Lord is working in both Iran and Iraq.  Mosques are emptying and thousands are coming to Christ.   “My heart is encouraged that people are waking up across the earth.  My hope is the encouragement tonight will be at the foundation of everything we do.  As we approach the days to come, we remember to prepare out of faith and not out of fear.  We have confidence in our God and we have confidence of what IS coming!”

Over 80,000 Bibles Sent To Cuba

In the midst of political debate over the U.S. re-establishing diplomatic ties with Cuba, a revival of Christianity is going unnoticed.

The SBC’s International Missions Board said they are sending over 83,000 Spanish-language Bibles to Cuba for churches throughout the island nation.  The SBC sent three 40-foot containers filled with Bibles from South Florida ports last week.

The shipment is the third since 1999 although this is the first shipment that has been directly sent from the United States.

A release from the SBC noted the large number of people choosing to follow Christ through the ministry of Cuba’s Eastern Convention.

“With the Eastern Convention reporting 29,063 professions of faith in 2014, the missionary noted that the Bibles potentially will cover the new Christians and only a few more,” the release stated.

The Bibles include large print Bibles for the visually impaired, study Bibles and Bible commentaries.

It’s Not Just About Survival – It’s About Revival!

Every week when it’s time to write a blog, I search the Lord’s heart for a timely word. Let’s face it, we don’t know how much longer any of this will continue as we know it. The world is changing and the days – every one of them – are getting shorter.  We have an opportunity to do or say something that will make a difference in people’s lives and I’m determined not to miss it.

First, I want to ask you if you know that you are saved and on your way to heaven? Until you are right with God, nothing else matters! What good would it do to survive the soon-coming troubles in the world if you then spent eternity apart from God? There is no greater hell than to face an eternity where evil is unrestrained and there is only wickedness constantly. Continue reading

New York Pastor Trying To Turn Strip Club Into Church

A New York City pastor attempting to shine the light of Christ in one of the seediest parts of the city is attempting to raise the funds to turn the area’s last strip club into the church’s new home.

Pastor Reggie Stutzman of Real Life Church told the Christian Post that a witnessing opportunity outside the club was a sign that God is going to bring “revival” into the city.

“I had an extraordinary conversation with this man who used to be a patron there. He said his life is just a wreck,” the pastor said.  He was speaking with a driver outside the Platinum Pleasures club in Hunts Point.  The church’s members have been meeting in front of the church every Tuesday for prayer since that day.

Now, the club has a for sale banner hanging across their front.

“God is bringing the prodigals home and He’s going to use this club and Real Life Church to be a part of the big picture, that revival is coming to NYC. It’s exciting,” said Stutzman.

Hunts Point is known as one of most dangerous areas in the city with a heavy prostitution program.

Revival, Repentance, Salvation

Our country desperately needs revival. Even the Church needs to be revived again because large parts have become salt-less and lost its ‘flavor’ as the Bible says in Matthew 5:13:

“You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.”

Every aspect of our society seems bent on the destruction of all that the Bible stands for – and all that God commands. We have a great opportunity in this age to be the salt of the earth by being bold and speaking the truth in love. That’s what we are trying to do daily on our show. Continue reading