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Pastor Jim & Lori Bakker y Tammy Bakker Sue discutir el poder de la lengua para el día 1 En el show de Jim Bakker.


Cuando Él estaba en la cruz, I Was On My Mind


“God wants to talk to us if we would just listen. We’ve got to hear from God.” – Pastor Jim Bakker

“The power of the tongue; it can kill, steal and destroy a life.” – Tammy Sue Bakker


Pastor Jim and Lori Bakker welcomed guests Tammy Sue Bakker and Kevin Shorey. Pastor Jim’s message centered around the topic ofHearing from God,” a subject inspired by the fact that recently he, Lori and one of their daughters all had shocking and disturbing dreams that he believes contain a message from God about things set to happen very soon. He said not all dreams come from God, but that God sometimes allows repetition of things, or re-occurrences, as a sign of His message. “Everybody in the Bible heard from God,", Dijo, running down a lengthy list of prophets the Bible says talked with the Lord or received words from him. He went on to explain that he intends to have today’s prophets and teachers on the show and preaching at Morningside because “God still wants to talk to us today.”

Tammy Sue shared that she believes in waiting to hear from God before making moves in life and said it was by inspiration that she decided to return to singing by making a surprise visit to her father’s show. She allowed many things, lo largo de los años, to serve as excuses for not returning to ministering through song, including self consciousness about her weight, fear of what other people would say about her and a deep seated fear and terror that plagued her as a result of the hurtful things that came out of the mouths of others over the years. She wondered if she was good enough. Un día, sin embargo, she decided that she had to face her fears and appear on the show.

She nearly cried while recalling the cruel things people said to her over the years about her parents and family. She urged listeners to remember the power of the tongue and how things spoken can have long lasting effects. Lori then told the story of how a man verbally accosted Pastor Jim at an airport after noticing the couple’s luggage had apparently been run over and handled roughly. The man told the Pastor he deserved it because of the way he had mistreated people over the years. Lori’s first reaction was anger but Pastor Jim said he had to learn that what other people said carried little weight. “We’ve all made mistakes,", Dijo, while stressing the need to remember God’s grace. He shared that God led him to see that if Christians reject His grace, they lack the ability to give grace to others.

He gave the example of his son Jaime Charles who declines to appear on the show with Pastor Jim because the younger Bakker, who also ministers, says many Christians dislike him and the spiritual message he teaches. The Pastor said his son preaches grace to the extreme, but added that he still loves and accepts him as his son. “But you’re my son,” Pastor Jim told him, expressing the same love to his child that God shares with His own children who stray from the path for a time and then return. He reiterated that not one will make it without grace.


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Isaías 53:5 NKJV But He era wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace era upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.

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